This juice mixture will make you lose your fat. If you make and drink it regularly it will give you GREAT results in the long term. This juice is perfectly natural so it's the best thing if you want to lose weight healthy and without consequences.


1. Two to three garlic cloves

2. Fresh lemon sliced

3. Luke warm water

4.And last but not least, Honey to taste.


Take the luke warm water (luke warm means neither cold, neither warm) and add two spoons of honey to it.

Now take the fresh sliced lemon and squeeze it into the mixture. You can take the seeds out of the lemon.

Mix it well.

Now the hard part. Chew the garlic cloves and dink the mixture. If you can't handle the garlic like me, you can blend it and pour it into the mixture, this way the taste wouldn't be so shocking !

When to drink it ?

Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. This is optimum to lose your belly fat.

TOP TIP : This is also great remedy for FLU, COMMON COLD and COUGH

Spread and share the word. Everyone who has such problems should try this over pills first !

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