1)Massage Tummy (STOMACH) 10 mins with Olive oil (or) any oil ( just heat the oil )

2) Take 10 tulasi leaves or 10 pudina leaves and boil with this 2glasses of water until 1glass of water,then drink lukewarm.

3) Next go for 20 mins walking (or) 15 mins jogging

4) Take one glass of water ,finish your bathing


5) 4IDLY /4 CHAPATIS/FRUIT or VEG salad (any thing)

6) Take 1 cup of GREEN TEA


Before take one glass of water

7) Plan your lunch with normal curries ,fresh vegetables and leaves, and fruits.

8) Avoid oil food,outside food,potato type food,peanuts,fried food.

finish your lunch before 1:30 pm


9) Take one cup fruits salad /vegetable salad (or) take fruits.


Take one glass of water

10) 2Chapatis + 1cup rice +veg curries onl


finish your dinner before 9pm ,if u are more hungry take one glass of water or buttermilk


11) Weekly once no problem with limit, chicken (or) seafoods only


12) Maximum intake of water 5 ltrs (8-12 glasses )


13) concentrate on watercontent fruits & vegetables & liquid diet only


ఇ విషయాలు మీ ఫ్రెండ్స్ కి కూడా షేర్ చెయ్యండి

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